Company History

1949 – Oscar Carver (Grandfather) opens a general store on Perio Point.

Early 1950’s – Oscar begins to buy clams in the basement of his homestead.

1953 – After attending Husson College, Richard Carver (Father) joins his dad in the business.

January 1st 1959 – After successfully outgrowing the facility on Perio Point, the Carvers open a new store in the middle of town.

1960 – They begin shelling clams in the 800 sq. ft building on Perio Point (left vacant by the move of the store).

Many years of growth follow with additions of heating oil, hardware, clothing, & gas.

1974 – Oscar Carver passes away unexpectedly, leaving the future of the business in the hands of his son, Richard Carver.

1975 – Albert Carver pitches in to help during school vacation and after school during session.

1978 – Albert Carver joins his dad full-time, working side-by-side at Carver Shellfish. Richard and Albert say that from 1978 to 1984 the growth of the business was very evident.

1985 – A new facility opens on the Black Duck Cove Road, expanding from 800 sq. ft. to 2400 sq. ft., complete with a single bay loading dock.

1986 – Snappy Lobster Pound, a tidal pound with a capacity of 65,000, is built and lobsters are added to the list of offerings by Carver Shellfish.

1990 – Another tidal pound comes on line, Mum’s Pound, with a capacity of 35,000.

1996 – 6,400 sq. ft. is added to the busy seafood processing facility, and another tidal pound, Flying Place (with a capacity of 200,000) is added to the business.

June 17th 1997 – A.C. Inc. is founded as a division of Carver Shellfish.

2000 – A new 2,000 sq ft. shipping and receiving area is added.

2000 to 2010 – Many small additions and upgrades are made during this time, including two more tidal pounds with a capacity of 130,000.

2010 – Plant Manager Patrick Robinson becomes vice president of A.C. Inc, and another 3,800 sq. ft. is added to the business.

2011 – A.C. Inc’s Facility is 16, 500 sq. ft. with cold water storage for 40,000 pounds of live lobsters, 3,200 sq. ft. of coolers, 5 loading bays, 2 receiving bays, 3,600 sq. ft. of processing areas, and tidal storage for 430,000 pounds of live lobsters.

Albert and Patrick have plans to expand the cold water storage at the plant and to expand tidal storage by 100,000 pounds. They will also be adding new products to the existing line of clams, crabs, and lobsters.

2012 – A new 150,000 gallon cold water storage tank is added along with a new tote room and a new rain room, making A.C. Inc. one of the largest cold water storage facilities in Maine, with a total capacity of over 100,000 lbs of live lobsters and a grading room for sizing has also been added.

2014 – A.C. Inc. launches a new product, fresh frozen steamer clams and is making plans for Value Added Seafood products in the Community in which it is caught.